One hamburger, fries and coffee, $15

Many questions are being sent my way about food prices in Inuvik. So, cue a new feature — I will be pretending to be a food critic, buying food and taking photos.

Let’s start with the basics: a burger and fries. Here is an Alforno burger from the Alforno restaurant. It must be said, it was excellent.  A lot of real ground beef and vegetables here as well as generous bacon and good cheese. The fries had exactly the right amount of frying.

Price of this meal: $15 including coffee


4 responses to “One hamburger, fries and coffee, $15

  1. Since I am planning a trip to Inuvik in 2011 or 2012 – totally your fault, by the way – this is all excellent information. Thanks!

  2. Hey! it looks and sounds good. And exactly where in Inuvik is Alforno’s cafe?

    A hamburger/fries/coffee like that at the only little cafe in Cape Dorset would set you back $20.

  3. Dude, their donairs are KING! Ask for it plain, just meat cheese and sauce. mmm. KUDOS for highlighting Alforno!

    Keep it up man, I’m missing home a lot, seeing photos helps.

  4. Where IS Alforno’s? I used to live in Inuvik (left 2 years ago), and I still miss the Mackenzie, as inconsistent as the food was….

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