Interesting link: Medical blog from Inuvik

(Above: Residents Ehi Iyayi (UBC) and Sarah Lin (Argentina) waiting in the doctor’s lounge for their afternoon teaching session. Photo from

There is an interesting blog I just discovered, which is called “Polar Doc.” It appears to be maintained by staff at the Inuvik Regional Hospital.

Anyone seeking information about healthcare up north, as well as job opportunties and information about the hospital, should check it out.

The address is:

(ps: fellow Inuvik bloggers, do you have a site? email me and I will promote it.)


One response to “Interesting link: Medical blog from Inuvik

  1. Hi
    I should be in Inuvik by now, working as a LPN at Charlotte Vehnus Group Home working with young adults with multiply disabilities. Was looking forward to the Culture, Climate change as well as my challenging new “Position; but because of uncontrollable circmstances I am not. I am feeling very sad as I stroll through the web site of Inuvik.

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