Tropicana ad debuts in Inuvik

Here’s the premiere of that Tropicana juice ad in Inuvik. The company had an advance screening at the recreation complex, to show people the result of a week of work.

I thought the commercial was going to make the balloon look like a real sun. Instead though, the message is “we brought this artificial sun to Inuvik because we’re benevolent.”

What do you think? A million dollars in one minute!

Does this make you more likely to buy orange juice?

Here is the ad:


16 responses to “Tropicana ad debuts in Inuvik

  1. The ad is everywhere! They’ve even bought advertising space on facebook.

    I wonder if it’ll be good for Inuvik for tourism?

  2. I would like to know the name of the song? and the artist.

  3. Wow, I’m impressed! I used to live in Inuvik and seeing the mulit-coloured rowhouses, the children walking to school in the dark and the igloo church brough back many wonderful heart-warming memories. The idea of creating this commercial is brilliant!

  4. I loved it!

    Sure, some will argue that it made Inuvik look overly-simple, what with the gazing stares into a bright balloon, but at the same time, it worked out so well for the publicity of my hometown!

    At least now people don’t think we live in igloos. They think we stand around outside all day.

    What else I loved, was how the school kids were so quick to ditch their lesson plans to see the light.

  5. Commercial is brilliant! Love the tune as well – who’s the artist?

  6. Patrick Watson – the Great Escape

  7. Here is the song and artist

    “The Great Escape” by Patrick Watson

  8. MaryJane,Cape Breton Island,Nova Scotia, Canada

    Wow…what a heart warming commercial ! Love it.
    Great idea and congrats to the Marketing company and employees who came up with the idea. Well done !

  9. I think the commercial is just sweet. Very up lifting… when you see it, it brightens your day… well done!!

  10. my name is Shawn and I am from Prince Edward Island and was very touched by the Tropicana Commercial. I have no illusions about economics, business and commercials and I understand a company has a product to sell. That being said I commend Tropicana on taking on the expense and effort of such an undertaking when I am sure there would have been much easier and less costly commercials to shoot. At the same time I know I would never be able to stand such long periods of no or little sun. My feeling while watching the commercial was here is a gift from Tropicana for a STRONG COMMUNITY that sticks together thru the cold and the isolation even when the sun retreats. Personally I thank them for the commercial. I was so deeply touched by it even though I am not from your town. Everyone absolutely everyone I spoke with that has seen the commercial was glad they did. Do people there know that it only showed your strength as a community to the world. Please DEZ OF THE NORTH don’t feel Cynical, Cynical is easy, be proud to be part of a strong community, I am proud to be part of a country that has such strong people. Please email me if you like at

    • Shawn, I completely agree with you! I was totally shocked when I saw all these comments saying that the commercial sent the wrong message and that they shouldn’t have spent all the money or whatever. Every time I see this commercial I cry because I find it so uplifting and beautiful to see people do good for someone else, not to mention an entire community. It’s like how they say that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone; we don’t understand how difficult that it would be to live without the sun for so long, and then to have it appear when you know it shouldn’t be there would be such a shock. I love seeing how happy the children are when they’re gazing up at the “sun.” Just saying, it’s a simply beautiful commercial that makes me cry every time it shows up on tv, and I’m happy that it was made.

  11. What is this ad trying to prove? The villagers looks somewhat puzzled, and no wonder. They are probably trying to fathom why anyone would want to light up a huge globe, waste a ton of money and energy, and increase greenhouse gases. (Answer: as a publicity stunt). The Arctic does quite nicely without light in the middle of winter, but these people’s way of life won’t last long with the current rate of global warming. Thanks, Tropicana, for accelerating that. Give consumers more credit!

  12. Lisa SiddonsisDumb

    Yes, putting a big light on in the centre of town for a few hours is a MASSIVE waste of energy and probably the single biggest contribution to greenhouse gases and global warming since the invention of the internal combustion engine. Seriously?!? Global warming? This is a joke, right? Why do so many enviro-types seem at once to both dumb and humourless? That’s a potent combo. You must be hell at a cocktail party. Oh, sorry, cocktail parties probably generate “greenhouse gases” and contribute to “global warming”. Uh, you must be hell sitting in a dark apartment with a lukewarm glass of water.

    • Well, that comment is about as creative as the “user name” you chose. Nice going. I’d rather be sitting in a dark apartment than have my head continuously in the sand.

  13. I wonder if the people who left negative comments about the commercial, have ever experienced a northern Canadian winter. In the little city I lived in the Yukon Territory, there is 24 hours darkness in the dead of winter…and a high depression rate which unfortunately leads quite often to suicide. (if you don’t believe me, google it) This leaves these communities feeling broken. What Tropicana did for one of these communities is amazing. Yes they may have spent loads of money to do it, but I can guarantee you, it brought hope to the people of the community. A ray of light that is so desperately needed to uplift the spirits of the Northern Canadians during this time of year. The commercial brings me joy every time I see it and I thank Tropicana for doing something so geniunely nice for the people of Inuvik.

  14. Oh my GOD I hate that song! Why are there so many singers/bands that are way too breathy and sound like they are swallowing their tongue?! Pearl Jam, Five for Fighting, Feist….the list goes on. Terrible.

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