Submitted photos from Ulukhaktok: Polar bear tracks!

These photos were taken by Marc Arsenault, who is working with Healthy Foods North and touring communities.

Recently in Ulukhaktok (also known as Holman Island) some polar bear were seen near the community.

Here are Marc’s descriptions of the photos:

1. My hand beside what we believed was a polar bear cub that was with its mom.

2. Dog Sledding on Queen’s Bay with Ulukhaktok in the background.

3.  Approximately one mile from Ulukhaktok polar bear tracks disappearing into the Beaufort Sea.

(Note to people reading: If you want to ask about publication rights on this one, you have to talk to Marc. My CC copyright does not necessarily apply.)


3 responses to “Submitted photos from Ulukhaktok: Polar bear tracks!

  1. Has anyone ever heard the story of the little magical people that inhabit Holman Island? I spent a week there once for work, flew in from inuvik to do some electrical work. Many of the residents in town claim to see little dwarfs not taller than knee height, they are very fast and very strong and will leave little footprints in the snow as they run off once they are spotted which has . Many credible witnesses have seen them, I was told by a couple locals that they are commonly seen at graveyard bay located a short distance from town, Small huts are seen from high above graeyard bay, but once you travel down to the bay the huts have all but disapeared. I was told many different stories about these encounters which seems to be common knowledge in Holman as everyone has heard the storys or seen one for themselves…… Not many people know the story but there is an old tale about why these little people for the most part avoid human settlements. This is one mystical tale which I feel has alot of truth to it..Northern Leprachauns…hahaha kidding but who knows right…?

  2. I would love to hear of anyone who knows this story or has had there own experience. I have a good friend who claims to have seen one after spending over a year living in Holman. Many others have told me there stories and I hope to hear many more…

  3. My grandmother would tell me stories about the little people, they were majical and were very strong.. I remember that same location that you were just mentioning by the Graveyard.

    Whenever we would walk to my Nanak’s camp (Just past Fathers Lake) she would point in the north east direction from there and thats where she had seen them also. Wierd coincidence, I never thought the whole town had the same story, Ive been gone from there for around 11 years now. its good to hear stories about home.

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