Classical music in Inuvik: A remarkable concert

Musicians Antoine Bareil and Sébastien Lepine travelled to Inuvik on February 9.

The classically-trained duo performed in concert at the Our Lady of Victory Church.

The evening featured violin and cello; part of a series of cultural events hosted by the territorial government and the Northern Arts and Cultural Centre.

Click here to see the soundslide at CBC. ca/northwind

(Sorry if I bothered anyone with my camera shutter during the concert!)


5 responses to “Classical music in Inuvik: A remarkable concert

  1. I bet it was great. Everything sounds good in that church.

  2. Very nice! I have long wondered what the inside of the igloo church looks like.
    Thank you much.

  3. Great pictures! Many thanks to our friends at CBC North!

  4. Sébastien Lépine

    Thanks for everythings! It was a real pleasure to share some moment with you.

  5. They are not only accompished musicians, there are handsome! And the church is amazing! Thanks, Ben Nind! Thanks CBC North! Thanks Inuvik patrons!

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