Listen: Canada’s national anthem in Inuvialuktun

Here’s a recording of Anna Pingo singing O Canada in the Ummarmiut dialect, which is the type of Inuvialuktun spoken by people in the Mackenzie Delta.

The National Anthem

(The crowd is singing along, but people were following along to handout sheets.)

I asked Roy Goose, who is a translator, to translate the lyrics back into English. Here is the rough translation:

O Canada
Our Home Country

Our strength

With the light that resides in our hearts
You have manifested yourself

It’s very powerful

This strong land.
Let it be in me.

O Canada, we live in this country,
Keep this country through our goodness
by God

O Canada, you are our country and we live in you

Related post from June 2007: Click here to see the anthem written out


One response to “Listen: Canada’s national anthem in Inuvialuktun

  1. Just loved this sound-slide…very cool!

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