Monthly Archives: February 2010

Tropicana ad debuts in Inuvik

Here’s the premiere of that Tropicana juice ad in Inuvik. The company had an advance screening at the recreation complex, to show people the result of a week of work.

I thought the commercial was going to make the balloon look like a real sun. Instead though, the message is “we brought this artificial sun to Inuvik because we’re benevolent.”

What do you think? A million dollars in one minute!

Does this make you more likely to buy orange juice?

Here is the ad:


Aklavik drummers on their way to Vancouver

Here is a photo from last week: The Aklavik Drummers and Dancers pose before heading to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

The drummers performed as part of the aboriginal pavillion.

Northern lights through my window

Here are some northern lights, around 3am, taken from the inside of Lakeview apartments.

Black beaked birds: Ravens outside the Mackenzie Hotel

Ravens are endlessly scavenging for food and making their “glou glou” noises.

This time of year, they are very fat birds.

New soundslide: Roy Ipana memorial

Here’s the latest soundslide for CBC, which shows the renaming of Inuvik’s arena. It is now called the Roy Sugloo Ipana memorial arena.

Inuvialuit Hockey tournament: a wild weekend

Here’s the crowd cheering at the Inuvialuit Regional Corporation’s annual hockey tournament, which happened over the weekend.

The tournament has been happening for 21 years, and as you can see it’s a very big deal.

Silhouettes at night

Here are some young people late at night, heading for the sports complex.

As you can see, they sometimes walk on the utilidors.