Reindeer herd near Jimmy Lakes

Here is the herd of reindeer, which is watched by herders about 45 kilometres North of Inuvik.

A few caribou also seemed to have joined the herd!

As you can see, these beautiful animals are not affected by the cold. 

They are often preyed upon by wolves and wolverines.


6 responses to “Reindeer herd near Jimmy Lakes

  1. These are great photos Phil! So glad that you’re back in Inuvik and taking more photos – love this blog!

  2. No fair, you get to do the coolest things in Inuvik!!!!!

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  4. Hi Phil,

    Great work!

    I’m a Chinese Photographer, and I’ll visit Inuvik March 25-30. I interest the reindeer herd very much, so, I try to search the name: Jimmy Lakes, but I can not found it around Inuvik by google’s map.

    Would you like tell me the exact address of reindeer herd? or, recommend a guide to pick up me get there?


    Seven Wong

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