Interview with a reindeer herder

Here’s a shot from inside Lloyd Binder’s cabin, about 45 km north of Inuvik. Roy Goose and I travelled to see the reindeer herds, as well as prepare a report for CBC. 

You can hear the interview with Raymond Ettagiak and another herder, on the Monday’s edition of Northwind. (Also watch for a multimedia feature coming soon)

Bonus shot: how do you keep your recorder from freezing in a backpack? Wrap it in a beaver pelt!


2 responses to “Interview with a reindeer herder

  1. Hello
    Thumbs up for this blog, the pictures are awesome and you certainly can find some interesting subjects.

    As Lloyd Binder’s cousin, it is particularly interesting to follow life in Inuvik.

  2. You’re killing it, Phil !
    How are things in NWT? Just remembered I should check out your blog… there’s some really great photos here – especially the ones of the wide open space. Sounds like the work is interesting, I’ll try to check out the radio show one day. Keep up the good work.
    And… Pierre Lemieux says hi.

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