Everyone gather ’round: It’s the CBQM trailer!

Dennis Allen has created a feature-lengh documentry about CBQM, Fort McPherson’s little radio station.

The film is being released by the National Film Board of Canada, and it looks very fun! What a great idea to include shots of people listening to the radio as well as broadcasting.

Click image above or here for link.

Another note: One of my old photo spreads from Northern News Services appears in the film!


4 responses to “Everyone gather ’round: It’s the CBQM trailer!

  1. This is going to be great.

  2. Hi, who’s blog is this? Thanks for the promo. Join our CBQM fan page on facebook. Merry Christmas.

    Dennis Allen

  3. This is Philippe Morin; you might remember me, I worked for News/North and interviewed you about the Discovery Channel digging up the Mad Trapper, also took your photo on Canada Day.

    I have been living outside Inuvik for a while but I am moving back on January 9

  4. Hi Phil, thanks for the ad. Much appreciated. Where you to?

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