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Everyone gather ’round: It’s the CBQM trailer!

Dennis Allen has created a feature-lengh documentry about CBQM, Fort McPherson’s little radio station.

The film is being released by the National Film Board of Canada, and it looks very fun! What a great idea to include shots of people listening to the radio as well as broadcasting.

Click image above or here for link.

Another note: One of my old photo spreads from Northern News Services appears in the film!


Cafe Gallerie has closed!

Recently reported on CBC:  Inuvik’s coffee and sandwich shop, the Cafe Gallerie, has closed down.

Read all about it here.

(The above photo is from March 2008, when a visitor from the Guardian UK visited Inuvik and had a cup.)

Great photos from Merven Gruben: the ice road

Here are some photos from Tuktoyaktuk mayor Merven Gruben.

He says:

“Happy December everybody!

We just started the construction of the ice road from Tuk to Inuvik today, hopefully have some kind of a goat trail by the weekend!

Ice is good on our side from here to Bar-C, no less than 20’’ as a minimum.

So the people are happy and all goes well and the weather cooperates we will have an official ice road well before Christmas.

Keep you all posted on the progress! Have a great week everybody!

Photo taken December the 7th, 2009.

That’s Tuk in the background of EGT Plows..and of course our famous Tuk Pingo’s in back of EGT Plows2.

We have five plow trucks running 24 hrs to complete this project.”

Here’s another photo by Merven of the Tuktoyaktuk pingoes. Look at those colours!