New photo gallery and radio: Ramadan in Inuvik

Photo by Roy Goose /CBC


CBC’s Roy Goose has created a very interesting photo gallery, which explores the Muslim celebration of Ramadan in Inuvik.

Roy was welcomed by members of Inuvik’s mosque, and even fasted on the day of the interview to appreciate the evening food in the right state of mind.

There is also a radio interview on, which answers some questions I had about Ramadan.

He even finds similarity between Inuvialuit culture and Muslim dietary restrictions! This is cross-cultural radio at its finest.


5 responses to “New photo gallery and radio: Ramadan in Inuvik

  1. Usually I don’t like photos of people but this one is very… poignant?

  2. The one guy is on his cell phone!

  3. It was inspiring to see a mosque in Inuvik, and the year I was there Islamic people held a big feast for everyone in the town to attend. If Palestinians and Israelis can live happily side by side in Inuvik it shows it’s not a genetic war.

    People have written comments saying “goodbye” so I guess your leaving and might not have time to let me know about the question I logged on to ask.
    There was a restaurant called ToGo’s which had a lot of character (moose, deer and caribou antlers on the facade for starters) and served muskox and caribou burgers. It was sold and changed to Sunshine Cafe, just wondering what it’s like now and if local food is still served.

  4. It was truly an intriguing revelation to hear the CBC Radio feature interview this past month. Indeed, the prophet Muhammad, sal-Allahu wallayhi wa sallam, confirmed scripture when he stated that no muslim was to try to convert one using any Foreign language. The faith must be plainly explained in the local dialect and in the common speech of the land. This is remarkable and in stark contrast with recent arctic history.

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