Islamic culture in the arctic

Here’s a newspaper seen on the ground, which has arabic writing.

Inuvik has many Muslim people, who come from all over the world.

Could anyone help me read this? It looks like a track list.


8 responses to “Islamic culture in the arctic

  1. Funny
    How they copy our Arabic digits…


  2. driss ouazzani chahdi

    basicaly it is the scheduel of the time prayers during the fasting month that is called Ramadan i think its a local news paper

  3. hi, it is a prayer schedule!

  4. driss ouazzani chahdi

    Yes it is!

    • Mourad Abou Abdelwadud

      as-Salam alaykoum abu yahya,i hope you keeping well when you get to read this message answer me i lost all you contact phone etc…
      wa hayak ALLAH

      • driss ouazzani-chahdi

        wa laykoum salam wa rahmatou allahi wa barakatouh,
        akhi mourad!!! i cant stop the tears akhi fillah !!! im so glad u got in touch with me !! thank you akhi,
        how is ur family doing! may allah bless u all! amine!
        inchallah this is my email address:

        ill give u my phone details when u will send me a message inchallah!
        if i had to choose a brother in this life ! it would be u akhi ! without hésitation!
        my father cameback to live with my mother , he just been diagnosed with a terrible cancer and it is getting harder and harder for the family to see him getting worst and worst, i keep hope in allah soubhannahou wa taaallaa!
        ill be waiting for ur message akhi fillah
        and as for eid i say as the sunnah said: takaballa allaho minna wa minkoum!
        wa hayaka allah akhi mourad
        wa salamou alaykoum wa rahmatou allahi wa barakatouh

      • driss ouazzani chahdi

        salamou alaykoum wa rahmatou allahi wa barakatouh akhi Mourad
        im still waiting for your response and for you to contact me by email.
        i forgot to ask you how was your trip to holland , hope you did enjoy it, it is a nice country to visit,
        a while ago i had some news from brother akram , and he gave me some news about you a wrote to me saying that you both met in jedda and that you went there for oumra, im so glad you did ! and how is brother akram doing with his study at the islamic university of madina? machallah it is a privillege to have him as a freind ! anyways i am still waiting for your email inchallah , dont make me wait very long akhi!
        wa hayaka allah, wa salamou alaykoum wa rahmatou allahi wa barakatouh

  5. driss ouazzani-chahdi

    Just to let you know that i am not home , i amactually in a kind of center , where i am receiving a treatment for some health issue akhi, i was alloud to have access to the internet just a fiew days ago! and i am alloud to go outside for the day to the city! its nothing to worry about ! i am fine for now and i can admit that the medication is doing some good to me walhamdoulillah!
    i couldnt take care of myself nor my family at moment , it was really hard and i started loosing a lot of weight and couldnt sleep for days and days! knowing that i now have a fiancéé that is waiting for me in morrocco!
    but it wasnt that easy for me as i started receiving some emails from saida and some other peoples that i do not know ! harrassment and all kind of scary things , that they gonna do this and that ! everyday!
    it was a bad time as i told you my father is verry ill and my mother 2!
    i lost it really ! and i decided to go and seek help support where i can have some rest , i am now ok
    and i will be home soon inchallah!
    i kept doing my salat on time! and spent most of my time reading the coran ! i had to go through meeting with social workers so i can put my life together and with the help of allah i am now far away from these bad things that happened to me and good news it has been months and months that i dont have any news from that women and her freinds ! and i glad i can get on with my life walhamdoulillah! i cant wait to go to morrocco for my marriage inchallah, the sister im marrying is a good muslim sister that fallow the sunnah walhamdoulillah, and my future father in law is a good muslim as well and he is a bearded man hahaha! its a blessing tabaraka allah!
    you were right akhi ! allah has given me someone 10 time better , jazzaka allaho khayrane!

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