Shameful vandalism

For some strange reason, there are at least two swastikas written around town. One at the bank (keyed into the ATM machine) and one on the industrial side of town.

Is this an act of racist provocation?

Or (I believe more likely) some ignorant young people who only recognize the symbol from Indiana Jones?


5 responses to “Shameful vandalism

  1. Idiots who think the symbol makes them look tough or cool. Probably not white supremacists.

  2. Just kids thinking it makes them look tough with no knowledge at all what the sign symbolizes. This probably says more about our current education standards and the ignorance of youth in the North than anything about racism.

  3. I strongly doubt Lucas is at fault here. Shock is all it is. Look at the symbol’s proximity to the Anarchist “A”.

  4. What’s especially sad is that they didn’t even get it right (unless that’s on purpose, but I doubt it). It’s drawn backwards.

    While nearly everyone associates the swastika with Naziism (not surprisingly), it’s amazing how many uses the symbol has had throughout history.

  5. ha! I was thinking the same thing Michael! They drew it backwards….the original way it was drawn when the Egyptians and Indus Valley people used it. Actually I think it was used both ways throughout history…

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