The Great Machine

This machine was on the industrial side of the town.

Does anyone know what it does?


6 responses to “The Great Machine

  1. Oh, what it does. I thought you asked what it is. If it is indeed a dredge, its purpose is to move solid material from a watery location to a less watery one, either to keep a waterway navigable, or as part of mining some ores such as gold.

  2. Oh, a terraformer!

    The nerd understands now

  3. it looks like the machine you use to tear up roads with

  4. Aren’t those used for crushing rocks/making gravel?

  5. I don’t think it would be a crusher – it doesn’t seem to have jaws. But it could be an auger. You stick the low end at the crusher’s outlet and the high end above a truck. With the wheels on it like that, it’s probably more plausible than my dredge theory.

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