Sneaker shock

Here’s note on prices in Inuvik: I recently needed a pair of shoes and found white sneakers. They cost $100!

Usually, I think a pair like this would cost $60 in the south.

They better last two years, like my previous pair of $11.99 Canadian Tire sneakers.


3 responses to “Sneaker shock

  1. were those the ones with the velcro?… They were epic.

  2. actaully 100 bucks aint to bad. in the ” south” [ at least california] they vary a LOT on price. from 30 bucks to $700.00[ who the hell would pay $700.00 for SNEAKERS??. ] also if the heels wear out believe it or not. you CAN have them repaired at a shoe repair store if you have that in your neighborhood]. I have a pair that i piad $300.00 bucks for , and they repaired the heel after it wore out ,and it was only 20 buck ot do that . 🙂
    thanks for sharing..

  3. $700 for a pair of sneakers?!

    I could get a nice pair of sealskin boots for less

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