Take a walk on the sewerline

Here’s more utilidors around town. There are so many, you rarely notice them.


5 responses to “Take a walk on the sewerline

  1. Holy power lines, Philman!

    I wonder why they didn’t work those into the utilidors?

  2. I guess they didn’t want to electrocute the feral cats who live in the utilidors.

    Seriously, I have no idea. The pipes are already there and they lead to every building.

    I guess the sewage contractors and power contractors don’t work together, or one was built before the other…

  3. It’s frowned upon and illegal to walk on utilidors buddy, this is incriminating

  4. Yeah whoever has been walking around the Utilidors wearing a Spider-Man mask cut it out

  5. Hahaha! All aboard the poo poo train.

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