Dentist office in Inuvik

Here is the dentist office in town.

There are facilities here which serve the surrounding communities.


4 responses to “Dentist office in Inuvik

  1. Let it also be known they have a great magazine selection. At least they used to anyway…

  2. I have many I can donate, mabe that’s a good place

  3. I am a permanent resident of Canada. I am doctor in dental surgery and specialist in prosthodontics. I was working in France and I was teacher in the university of Pierre and Marie Curie in Paris. I am really a good practitioner and able to work in the North of Canada. My first language is French but I can speak English too. Dental Hygiene is a regular job of the dentist in France includes preventive oral health and health promotion interventions. I would like to get a registration for dental hygiene practice. What should be the process to enter the practice of dental hygiene in Inuvik? Is it possible to get some information about the procedure to work in Inuvik or in the North of Canada?
    Kind Regards

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