Another face of the North

“Hi! I’m here to talk to you about fishing in the NWT.”


7 responses to “Another face of the North

  1. Gosh. I have nothing against eating something with a face but this one really doesn’t say “eat me” to me.

  2. L00ks ugly, but probably yummy when eatin..

  3. prehistoric man!!!

  4. Snot rocket. Slough shark. Jackfish. Pike. Whatever you choose to call it, when it’s cooked in foil with onions and butter, then sprayed with a bit of lemon juice, it tastes delicious.

    Nice to see you’re following the laws of the NWT and fishing barbless.

  5. That is barbless, right? I can’t really tell.

  6. Nice Pike

  7. I’ve known people who look like that
    Not personally
    Commuter smiles…

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