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George Chuvalo visits Inuvik

Students at Samuel Hearne secondary had a special guest today, as George Chuvalo came to visit. 

Click here for an audio interview!

The heavyweight champion boxer spoke about drugs and how much they had cost him in life; his wife and boys. It was a terribly tragic story, told honestly and for no other reason than George trying to steer young people on the right track.


I wish some students had shown more respect!


New photo gallery and radio: Ramadan in Inuvik

Photo by Roy Goose /CBC


CBC’s Roy Goose has created a very interesting photo gallery, which explores the Muslim celebration of Ramadan in Inuvik.

Roy was welcomed by members of Inuvik’s mosque, and even fasted on the day of the interview to appreciate the evening food in the right state of mind.

There is also a radio interview on, which answers some questions I had about Ramadan.

He even finds similarity between Inuvialuit culture and Muslim dietary restrictions! This is cross-cultural radio at its finest.

The night shift

Here are four RCMP officers responding to a call at Parkview apartments on Saturday night. 

They left about one minute after arriving with no one in custody, so it must have been a false alarm.

First day of fall…snowfall

There is snow on the ground today.

Sept. 22, looks like it’s here to stay.

Woolly bully

Here’s a face from the Roost’s dining room.

Big doghouse

Midnight Mechanical

Here’s a mechanic and repair yard on the industrial side of town. A lot of old cars here!