From the ground to the sky

Here’s a shot from the Boot Lake trails. Notice the colourful leaves on the ground!

(Also, photo stitching is amazing.)


8 responses to “From the ground to the sky

  1. Aaaaaaargh! Quit taunting us with the photo stitching! I hate you! (Plus that photo is so tall it doesn’t even fit on my computer screen.)

    For Xmas you’re sending me an autographed framed print of one of your photos, right? Just not one with people in it. I don’t like people.

  2. But photo stitching has opened up a whole new world for me!

    Seriously — if you have a computer screen which can scroll forever, why would you limit yourself to a rectangle of a 4×9 dimension?

    Photos like this are uniquely suited to web distribution, and I really like the immersive effect.

    I wonder how you would go about printing something in a long vertical banner size…?

  3. That pic is great. Lets you take advantage of the vertical scroll feature on the computer unlike scrolling horizontally for a traditional right-to-left (or left to right) panoramic pic.

  4. Beats me, but I’m sure your local printshop can figure something out. (Wait… Do you guys even HAVE a local printshop? Maybe I should just download it and take it to MY local printshop, and you can autograph it whenever you’re in Hay River.) (Are you ever in Hay River?)

  5. I’ve never been to Hay River, and I can’t really imagine a scenario where I would end up there.

    I heard good things about it from some Northern News Services people, though.

  6. Well, if you managed to end up in Inuvik, I’m sure you can manage to end up in Hay River somehow.

    It’s good enough for me, anyway.

  7. Inuvik DOES have a print shop. You take your stuff there and give them money. Then you get to go and visit your pictures for the next few months while you wait for them to get framed.

    Hmmm. I sound a bit bitter.

  8. If anything, I think the proper presentation for these would be on a fabric or canvas, like the long banners they have at the airport.

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