Panoramic view of Tsiigehtchic

It turns out there is some software which does amazing things with photos, such as “stitching” many together.

Just look at this panoramic view of Tsiigehthic!


5 responses to “Panoramic view of Tsiigehtchic

  1. You didn’t include the best part about Tsiigehtchic….the sign!

  2. I know! I got the software and went through archives looking for something to use…next time I’ll do a full 180 degree pan..

  3. Do it from the McPherson side, too. And then that view of the Mackenzie when you’re coming from Inuvik. (It’s not the only view of the Mackenzie but it’s THE view of the Mackenzie. I’m sure you know which one I mean.)

  4. Yeah, I’ll try to get outside and try this technique.

  5. What a small world! I love this shot of Tsiigehtchic (note: I can spell that word, too!). It brings back memories of our trip in 2006 when we lost our 5th wheel due to an explosion on the Tsiigehtchic ferry. That memory isn’t so good, but the trip itself was amazing. We heard the 5th wheel was still parked outside the fire hall last year, but I don’t see it in this picture. It is so neat to find these kinds of pictures on the internet, and I’ll really have to check this photo stitching program out. Very, very cool. Thanks!

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