Notes from the photographer’s “pen”

Fig. 1: Myself and Inuvik Drum editor Dez Loreen enjoying the drum dance. (Photo by Michele Taylor)


Fig.2: The press, proving that 20 people are needed to capture the same man from the same angle.


Fig. 3: The PM meets dancers with the press in the background. (Photo courtesy of Merven Gruben)


Many people have been sending emails about the recent photo gallery of Stephen Harper’s visit.

The main question is: How did you get so close?

Well, Harper’s arrival was a very staged event. I was placed in a designated “photographer’s pen,” where about 15 photographers were stationed. 

 When the Prime Minister arrived, he met the dancers and spoke a few moments with delegates there. He left without taking questions from the press.


5 responses to “Notes from the photographer’s “pen”

  1. So many kids, so few pies.

    Are you the one on the left in that photo? Holy sheep crap, you’re young.

  2. Dez has to be even younger than you are, right?

    Please tell me he’s younger than you are. I remember interviewing him when he was a kid in high school.

    Man, now I feel old.

  3. Nope, Dez is 25 I believe. He’s also married and I believe has a child on the way.

    Not to make you feel old… 🙂

  4. He’s MARRIED??? Geez. Unbelievable.

    Congratulations, Dez.

  5. Holy sheep crap

    ha ha ha

    Yeah I am 24 and my beard-growing skills are very poor, so I look young.

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