Inuvik panoramas, part 1: Samuel Hearne school

This “image stitching” stuff is really wonderful. 

Here’s Inuvik’s Samuel Hearne school (still boarded up for the summer) in super-high resolution.


(Note: some of the stuff like the telephone wires don’t exactly line up. I am still learning.)


4 responses to “Inuvik panoramas, part 1: Samuel Hearne school

  1. I wonder who I know down to Inuvik that I can pay to steal your camera and mail it to me?

  2. Between this and suggesting I pie the PM, you’re on a crime spree!

    Seriously though, the whole point of this image is that it’s about five or six images seamlessly “stitched” together through this program I just got called Doubletake (30 bucks Canadian!)

    There does not appear to be a limit to the amount of images you can stitch, so it’s now possible to take super-resolution photos. (Just so long as nothing is moving.)

    You can expect I’ll be having some fun with this…including some 360-degree pans.

  3. When you think about image stitching, you could also do: A runner starting the race, running, running and finishing…all on a continuous background! four images in a sequence.

    It would be pretty awesome, I need to try this.

  4. If your camera is fast enough, you could take a dozen pictures of a bird flying or something, and do one of those fancy montages like… well I don’t remember who does them, but somewhere out there, someone does fancy montages of the same animal every small fraction of a second.

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