New photo gallery: Stephen Harper in Inuvik

Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper arrived in Inuvik today.

New! The photo gallery is up


8 responses to “New photo gallery: Stephen Harper in Inuvik

  1. Dang! I wonder who I can call in Inuvik who would pie him for me.

  2. With the price of groceries in the north?

    good luck!

  3. Well of course I plan on reimbursing them for the pie. And most people I know down to Inuvik have lawyers on call anyway so I’m sure they won’t mind getting charged with assault (yet again). And then I’ll get a criminal record for conspiracy to pie the PM. Hmmmmm… It’s tempting.

  4. Supposed to make a big announcement on Thursday.
    In the grand scheme of things … does it really matter?
    No matter who money goes to, someone else is going to bitch about it. Either it went to the wrong people or they didn’t get enough.
    Maybe we should think about abandoning the north and giving it back to the 14 people who might still be able to live on the land.

  5. Just heard a comment from the prez (?) of Inuit Tapirisat about how she thinks the Inuit should get a “major investment” from the feds.
    How typical – what happened to all the other people who live in the North?
    She wants money for training and education – which would be great if there were jobs for people to go to.
    You don’t need a university degree to chuck a sharp stick at a whale.

  6. What a great photo!

  7. I love the photo in your CBC gallery of the security guard peering out of the plane… so sneaky!

  8. Thanks to everyone! I really had fun on this assignment.

    Also, to YEV ranter: Welcome to the site! Your comments certainly provide a welcome point of view, I feel you are being honest.

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