Colour coordination

Hey, it’s an orange truck and an orange house.


3 responses to “Colour coordination

  1. That’s actually the Home Hardware, sorry, Norm’s home hardware and building supplies.

    Oh, and it’s Sam Lennie’s truck.
    FYI, lol

  2. i loved that truck. everytime i saw it i would ask if they would sell it to me. only half jokingly.

    isn’t Next to New still going?
    you keep telling people to buy clothes.
    i got a gorgeous orange lambs wool jumper (sweater?) there for $1

    isn’t Bill still driving his truck of quality lower priced fruitnveg up?

    you seem to be a transplant that loves inuvik as much as i did, so i copied an old email i sent.

    why don’t you know me? i’m not living there.
    wish i’d simply stayed instead of continuing with the original plan, then lost all my savings being depressed and unemployed in europe.
    now listening to cbc radio online is as good as it gets.

    the two months i spent in inuvik feel more real and recent than the three years since.
    it’s snowing!!!

    one more thing i like about Inuvik – EXTRA SNOW

    i was walking in a winter wonderland this morning
    looking east to rolling hills that were already a
    beauty of yellow, red, golden, lime fall colours,
    looking west to the transformation of the town and the
    mountains beyond the delta.

    i’m in love

    with Inuvik

    maybe it’s just an excuse to settle down
    it’s common to use falling in love with a person for
    that purpose (i think a town is easier)

    there are logical reasons:

    it’s multicultural, there are people living here from
    -all across the Canadian Arctic: Old Crow to Holman
    -all across Canada from Newfoundland to the Okanogan
    -all across the world: Palestine, Israel, India,
    Albania, Greece, Sudan, Syria, Norway, Germany, Poland

    not too many rich people, and they mostly don’t take
    themselves too seriously, no white shoe brigade here

    good library

    pretty good shops – access to good fresh fruit’n’veg
    and celestial seasonings tea keeps me happy

    fkn great opshop* Next to New is So good and So cheap

    the community greenhouse

    incredible natural beauty

    everything is within cycling distance

    and of course the population of dead sexy blue collar
    workers – rigpigs, bl’s**, sparkies – anything with a
    mustache*** and a pickup (preferably rusty) is damn
    good eyecandy as far as i’m concerned

    *thrift store, charity shop der. from opportunity shop

    ** builders labourer, aussie sl for construction

    ***i’m even starting to SPELL canadian

    but falling in love isn’t about logic

    i arrived in this town at midnight
    deliriously tired
    covered in bug bites
    slightly emotionally wounded

    and immediately sensed it was something special

    everyday i find something or someone new that makes me
    smile and my heart goes thud

  3. Thanks for that!

    I very much enjoy how this site has become a forum for poetry.

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