New photo gallery: Recycling in Inuvik

There is a new gallery posted on, which examines recycling in Inuvik.

This was really fun to photograph!

The town has 3500 people but recycles more than 1000 beer bottles a week.


6 responses to “New photo gallery: Recycling in Inuvik

  1. Wow. I wonder how many bottles per capita Hay River recycles. And how that compares to the bottles per capita that end up broken on the street…

  2. I am not sure if you know this but for the last few days, on your photoblog, a request for a password and id come up on the screen when you log in. I can bypass it, but thought you might want to know in case you changed some HTML code or something.

    1000 beer bottles per 3500 residents does not seem all that surprising actually. That is roughly one bottle of beer a week for every 3.5 people. I would suspect in any group of 3-4 people, one of them would probably drink one beer a week.

    I always enjoy your photography! Thank you for the glimpses of life in the Far North. I greatly appreciate seeing more about the local and the people.


  3. I have NO IDEA what this NWT password business is! It’s frustrating…

    It appears to be a government thing, which is even strager.

  4. What an interesting post. Recycling is so important but heh, that’s a LOT of beer for such a small town to drink LOL!!! 😉

  5. Have you added any links to the department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada on your blog?

  6. I am getting the request for a password, too.

    It is very weird and makes it look like your blog is from the federal government. NO ONE wants that. 🙂

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