Eli’s views from Ulukhaktok

My neighbour Eli Arkin (who previously shared photos from Tuktoyaktuk) recently traveled to Ulukhaktok. 

This is an island commuity north of Inuvik, which has about 400 people. Notice there is floating ice in these photos!

Ulukhaktok is often described as the friendliest community in the North.

From Wikipedia:

Ulukhaktok is also the location of the the world’s most northern golf course and hosts the “Billy Joss Open Celebrity Golf Tournament” every summer. Over the years they have managed to attract players from the Edmonton Oilers and the Edmonton Eskimos, as well as golfers from other countries. This tournament is growing and features excursions to traditional areas where Arctic char and Northern Lake trout are harvested for subsistence as well as limited commercial fishing and hunting.


4 responses to “Eli’s views from Ulukhaktok

  1. Great shots. It really is one of the friendliest communities I’ve ever visited. Definitely worth a trip if you can get up there.

  2. Yes, I am glad to have contributors send me photos now and then!

    I am hoping to see Sachs and Ulukhaktok soon, as well as Tuk in the summer. (Hey, I better act soon!)

    p.s. — we’ve been working with Roy Goose lately here at CBC, it’s been really fun!

  3. Here’s one of my favourite memories of Roy:

    One day, I lined up an interview with a local Inuvialuit elder who’d just published a book. He was a wizened little guy, and I’m pretty sure he knows how to put a curse on people, so I was keen to stay on his good side. I didn’t have time to read the book, though. I knew it was about his life, and I figured I could write general questions that would work well.

    The book was titled “Call Me Ishmael”: an obvious Moby-Dick reference that signalled that it was about old-time whaling. Perfect. Whaling was a traditional Inuvialuit activity and it would work really well for our show.

    Roy took one look at the list of questions I’d prepared and stared at me like I had two heads.

    “What are these questions?”

    “They’re for Mr. Alunik. About his life as a whaler.”

    “He’s not a whaler.”

    “What are you talking about? His book is Call Me Ishmael. He’s a whaler, isn’t he?”

    “No. It’s called Call Me Ishmael because his first name is Ishmael. Why would you think he was a whaler?”

    “Because of Moby-Dick.”

    “Because of WHAT?”

    Fortunately, Roy was a pro. I have no memory of what they talked about, but I do know that it wasn’t about whales.

  4. ha ha ha

    That’s what you get for naming a child Ishmael in a world that knows the novel “moby dick”

    Might as well name someone Elvis

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