Rumors are true! Inuvik restaurant busted for crack cocaine.

Here’s a vignette about life in Inuvik, and how rumours can sometimes be true.

The local restaurant Fast Food — which I have mentioned here before for looking very rough and littered — was recently involved in a crack cocaine bust.

Click here to read the article from the Inuvik Drum.

Rumors had been going around town for weeks, and people were cheering police when they went in to make their arrests. 

Interesting to see how this will play out in court…


4 responses to “Rumors are true! Inuvik restaurant busted for crack cocaine.

  1. It might have helped their case to update their old signage and set up on the patio that they don’t use any more.
    I mean, where was the town to require them to clean their yard?

    And now, people still buy from them. Kids still hang outside etc.
    It’s BOLLSHET!

  2. Edit:
    I don’t think a clean yard would validate their crack-dealings, or earn them any slack in the matter.

  3. I guess it all comes down to whether the fast food was a legit business with a bad employee — someone within who was selling crack on the side, perhaps even unknown to bosses — or whether the whole thing was a front operation, which is just to excuse people coming in and out at late hours.

    From the shabby condition of the outside, you have to wonder if they even WANTED people to come in looking for food.

  4. Yeah, the crack dealing seemed outsourced, but only for the first bit, then the big boss got involved.
    It’s funny, that he is only one brought in for it all, seeing as there is no way it was only him doing the dealing.
    There is a lot more going on, hopefully it will all be in the open soon.

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