Batten down the hatches! A storm is a coming!

Here the Sir Alexander Mackenzie primary school, as it is boarded during the summer. 

This is a defence against vandalism, rather than the weather.

At least this year the boards are black, which is nicer than last year’s plywood.


2 responses to “Batten down the hatches! A storm is a coming!

  1. Wow… Why didn’t everybody else think of that? Seems much easier than curfews and what not.

  2. yeah they are going to switch to a moat and crocodiles next year.

    In all seriousness, it’s sad this has do be done.
    It’s effective but really the emphasis is all wrong. The town has to spend and cover windows like it’s fighting off an invasion, and it gives an impression of resignation.

    When the high school was recently ransacked, people said it’s because they waited a day before putting the boards up — technically it’s true that lacking boards made it possible for people to sneak in — but I don’t like the idea that somehow a victim is at fault because they didn’t protect themselves to this extreme degree.

    (“I was mugged!” Well, were you wearing a suit of knight’s armour?)

    As they say in the south, there are many “social issues,” in town. Unfortunately — for reasons which can never really be explained — certain young people will break every computer, bicycle, sign, window, storefront, etc., that is not protected by plexiglass and a guard. I had people tell me it wasn’t worth getting a bike here, because they are taken often.)

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