Monthly Archives: August 2008

From the ground to the sky

Here’s a shot from the Boot Lake trails. Notice the colourful leaves on the ground!

(Also, photo stitching is amazing.)


Where is the sanding and painting class?

Here’s a sign at the Aurora College trades workshop space.

It’s seen it’s fair share of bad weather over the years.

Fall colours in the Delta, part 3


Do yourself a favour and get outside. The Boot Lake walking trails are beautiful this time of year!

Bored and shaggy

This old sleepy dog was lazily watching people pass by…

Suburbs of the arctic

It turns out, there are suburban-style houses on the edge of town.

It’s not all trailers, row-houses and log cabins here!

Fall colours in the Delta, part 2


Here’s the view from my front door and back window, at Parkview apartments.

(Both are several photos stitched together, and you can see some perspective errors here and there.)

This is what it looks like when I drink tea and look out the window.

Fall colours in the Delta, part 1

More fall colours in Inuvik. Feels like Hallowe’en is just around the corner, but it’s still August!