True artists, working on items of great beauty

The Great Northern Arts Festival is wrapping up today, and there are many great photos to share: 

Here is a photo gallery I put together for

I think it captures the beauty of the traditional art on display, and also shows some of the artists working on their crafts.

Very glad and proud to be able to share my photography with everyone!

There are 27 photos in total, so enjoy! 

(I am now headed to Ottawa for two weeks, and will return on August 4, before hosting Northwind for three weeks.)


3 responses to “True artists, working on items of great beauty

  1. dude.
    im NOT patronizing you BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the artists BRUSHS in relationship with the ARTIST [sans expression on artists face which is powerful and intense ]. . the COLOUR and the dimensional perspective makes total relevance to said space, ..
    more precisely .. TOTALLY COOL PIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dude! I REALLY dont think you are aware how ACURATE in expression with the “ shutter” of said camera you capture. ..
    you REALLY have a sense of SPACE and FORM . [ NOT with all things. buta LOT of them . ]
    ok ok ok ok . just DEAL with it./ .
    ill go away now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    dont you HATE fans??
    [ I could write a BOOK on that.. REALLY I CAN !:) ]

  2. one other comment
    you TAKE the BACKGROUND and make it IMPORTANT..
    then the MIDDLE ground. which has its relevance..
    then the foreground.
    then you combine them into ONE subject matter of form .
    this is REALLY good stuff. [ the PIC with the local painting]
    you have a WAY with expressing complex geometry ………….
    this is a GIFT !!!!!!!!!!

  3. A thousand generations
    Speak through this man’s brush
    The great value of his art
    Is that it is not his


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