“Do you have any science-fiction?”

Here’s the Inuvik Centennial Library and the New North Networks Dome. Really interesting architecture to be sure! The dome is both a place of business and a decoration for the town.


5 responses to ““Do you have any science-fiction?”

  1. this is a brilliant shot. great balance light and colour. everything WORKS. , the foreground the middle and the background. …. again . one of your BEST.

  2. the night is long
    the days are bright
    the dome is shining
    the sun is out

  3. where are the arts fest shots?

    ppl south want to see GNAF

  4. I will post them tonight when I get home from work. There is also Oceans Day stuff, so there is a lot of material ready to post…

    Lots of interesting pieces, that’s for sure

  5. A ball to end all balls
    Daring Giants
    Not to slice


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