Bright colours during a short summer

Flowers are sprouting everywhere in Inuvik these days, including this yellow variety.


3 responses to “Bright colours during a short summer

  1. I see you’re as versed in wildflower as I am. 🙂

  2. Yeah I don’t know their names, but I like the colours..

  3. ONE thing I have noticed since i have been following your blog.
    Sure you have a bazillion hours a sunlight a day in the summer. BUT if you calculate the average 12-12 [ sunlight and darkness] on for example in the tropics. you really have the SAME amount as we do . only they are distributed a little differently.
    in essence its all the same only on a faster scale yet still within the parameter of a 24 hour day. .
    this truly gives meaning and factual understanding if one uses for example in quantum physics regarding the second law of entropy applying variables [ light and dark differentials ] with in the parameters of said 24 hour day [ as defined within the formulas regarding non linear dynamics] . The variables are a part of the combined designated boundaries as that particular law of entropy dictates.
    it proves one thing for sure.
    and WHAT is that bug doing out at THAT hour of the night?????

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