$50,000 in damage at the high school: More vandalism in Inuvik

Ronald Binder, a custodian at Samuel Hearne Secondary School in Inuvik, N.W.T., sweeps up debris at the vandalized high school. (c) Chris Harbord/CBC)

Inuvik’s high school was recently vandalized to the tune of $50,000.

On Saturday night, people — let me assume, young people, let’s assume boys with low grades — snuck in through a window and destroyed computers, spray-painted walls and smashed all the musical instruments used by the community band.

If past years are an indication, this is the start of Inuvik’s vandalism season, which happens during the summer.

Why does this happen? What does it mean about the town?

On this CBC.ca story, you can read people’s comments, which offer a very honest look at peoples reactions and opinions about Inuvik.

Some blame the parents, others say the community should have another bylaw officer, and others say the community is just hopeless. (That might be going a little far.)

My suggestion: I think every adult in town should ask every child “who vandalized the school? Who did it?” over and over again. Even if you don’t know the child, just ask them. It’s a small town and many children obviously know who it is. 

Here is the story’s link page. Thanks to CBC and Chris Harbord for the photo.


5 responses to “$50,000 in damage at the high school: More vandalism in Inuvik

  1. How about an alarm system? One assumes it took some time to do all this, if the building was alarmed there would have been time to respond before the damage got that high.

    On a sad note, I live across the street from the high school in Hay River, which also gets vandalized in the summer – as do things in our parking lot. So when I hear sounds of possible vandalism coming from the school, I don’t do anything about it, on the theory that as long as they’re at the school, they’re not vandalizing anything of mine. I probably shouldn’t think that way, but I don’t need more damage to my car. (Luckily, all they’ve done to my car so far is kick the panels that were already damaged.)

  2. Big thrills for small minds, I guess. This is shameful.

  3. What a disgrace.

  4. It’s hard to see. What a shame…

  5. Grrr… I really detest vandelism – such a useless waste!! The worst part is that these kids are destroying their own communities limited resources – so next year they will probably have to do without computers and instruments and money that might have gone to buy new stuff for the school or the community will be wasted undoing their damage. I hope that when they are caught they are made to understand what their actions mean to everyone else!

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