Travelers from another time

A group of 19 antique cars rumbled up the Dempster Highway from Anchorage, Alaska this week.

Where could you hear more about it? And perhaps hear a sound clip of myself speaking with the drivers on the streets of Inuvik?

Why, the CBC Northwind website, of course! 


5 responses to “Travelers from another time

  1. the GRAY chevy, [ 3 cars up from the ” plymouth belvedere”]. well dude. i had one JUST LIKE THAT when i was in HIGH SCHOOL,. . only it was ” seafoam green”.
    and gas was 20 cents a gallon . ciagrettes of which we all smoked was 30 cents a pack. And we were all adicited to a NEW food product called”PIZZA” and drank ” cherry cokes”..
    Our hair style was a” flattop”[ crew cut] with fenders[ hair long on the side brought to a “D.A”} . in the back . .
    we danced to BILL HALEY and the comets[ rock around the clock]. he was the father of ROCK and ROLL. and we NEVER heard of ward and june cleaver. . it was the NELSONS on television [ which was ONLY black and white at the time. . ]
    short livedis spring in the life of the world
    enjoy the brave spectacle while it lasts.

  2. What a great description! This sounds like a great time, what we sometimes call “a simpler time” though it wasn’t really.

    With today’s gas prices, these cars are not really viable. One of the drivers told me he got 18 miles to the gallon, which is about as efficient as a limousine.

    Isn’t it amazing how old cars had so much more style? Today’s designs seem so boring by comparison.

  3. I agree with you about the cars. but in reality. that car that i described was NOT comfortable , they were GREAT to look at, the seats were plush . but ya slid all over, there was no such thing as power steering, older cars LOOKED great but had LOUSY suspension , it seemed if ya drove over a grasshopper on the road you would ” bounce” all over the place, there was no such thing as seat belts, and the field of vision was very poor. IT was quite often and not uncommon that your car WOULDNT start in the winter cuase it was to cold. or in the summer if ya shut the car off it would get what is called a “vapor lock” and you couldn’t start it back up till the car cooled down..
    They were impossible to maintain, and a good” simonize” polish to preserve the finish would take at least 4 hours
    The cars of those days were REALLY a piece of art, and were a delight to the eye..
    but ill take mine of today..
    36 miles to the gallon in the city, and 48 hiway. [ a YARRIS]
    My dad had a PACKARD. that got 6 miles to the gallon and drove like a Sherman tank.,
    have a good 4th !!!!!!!!

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