Canada Day in Canada’s ‘northernmost town’

Canada celebrated its national holiday on July 1, and Inuvik of course was no exception.

Celebrations here are always fun: There are barbecues, country music, dogs wearing costumes, etc.

Click here for a sound clip, which will air on today’s Northwind.


6 responses to “Canada Day in Canada’s ‘northernmost town’

  1. Hey, are those army cadets?

  2. Oh yeah, we have cadets here! Very active group of upstanding young people.

    We also have something called the “Junior Canadian Rangers” which is more focused on land skills and similar to scouts in a way. They wear hoodies instead of uniforms and spend more time camping.

  3. I have to ask–is that an American Eskimo Dog in the second picture? Very cute.

    I have been reading your blog pretty much from day one and have learned a ton about Inuvik and Northern Canada from it. Thanks for taking the time to make so many interesting posts!

  4. this post looks a lot like one I saw on a CBC website!

    I got too much time on my hands…

  5. Yes, I just direct the traffic towards the CBC, but not vice-versa… is free for readers so I figure it’s okay…no complaints yet from employers. And if anything it lets more people know about

    (Plus here you can click to make them bigger.)

    Don’t you just wish you could post everything online from the Inuvik Drum? All photos in colour, etc?

  6. (Of course you guys already have the PDFs and it’s different because it’s a subscription model.)

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