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True artists, working on items of great beauty

The Great Northern Arts Festival is wrapping up today, and there are many great photos to share: 

Here is a photo gallery I put together for

I think it captures the beauty of the traditional art on display, and also shows some of the artists working on their crafts.

Very glad and proud to be able to share my photography with everyone!

There are 27 photos in total, so enjoy! 

(I am now headed to Ottawa for two weeks, and will return on August 4, before hosting Northwind for three weeks.)


“Let me tell you a story.”

Here are some clay elders’ portraits, showing people of the arctic. They are painted to resemble wood carvings.

Such beautiful work!

They were displayed at the 2008 Great Northern Arts Festival, which is happening this week in Inuvik.

Click here for all the faces in a sequence:

Ahoy, it’s Oceans Day 2008

Inuvik celebrated “Oceans Day” last weekend, with a special visit from the Coast Guard. 

There was a BBQ at the boat launch and a large ship allowed people to step aboard and look around. 

A parade was also held with floats, decorated cars, etc.

“Do you have any science-fiction?”

Here’s the Inuvik Centennial Library and the New North Networks Dome. Really interesting architecture to be sure! The dome is both a place of business and a decoration for the town.

Barbed wire and boarded windows

Vandals and tress-passers, beware! Veterans Way has some fuel tanks and abandoned buildings which are well protected.

Thoughts and prayers made tangiable

Found by the riverside: these prayer rocks, which have messages of thanks written on them.

No high-speed chases, please

This is the RCMP camper, which is used for long trips on the Dempster Highway.

Police sometimes use the camper to travel to places like Tsiighetchic — which has no police — or the Midway Lake Music Festival.