Inuvik’s community greenhouse: It’s doing well

Things are really sprouting at the Inuvik Community Greenhouse these days.

Head on over to to hear some interviews with gardeners and see more pictures.


3 responses to “Inuvik’s community greenhouse: It’s doing well

  1. Great Greenhouse!!!!!!! good for you !!!!!. 🙂

  2. hello,this is maybe not that blogpost where this “comment” fit but i have been reading an article about arctic ice melting and i would be very happy to know if the people who live in that areas see some positive side effects of changement…….for example development of agricluture, better living possibilities…….

  3. Hi Wangjel,

    Thanks for the interesting question, it’s certainly a topic people talk about here.

    As far as I can tell, people are not excited about arctic ice melting. The cold here is a valuable resource in many ways, and melting permafrost would create the following problems:

    1. Ice roads closing earlier and opening later. (increases cost of everything, which must then be flown or barged up. Many communities depend on ice roads as does the mining industry)

    2. Hunters no longer being able to predict the land; getting stranded on ice floes, etc. (ex: looking for seals on the ice)

    3. Flooding in places like Aklavik

    4. Stability of buildings could be compromised; pilings installed in the permafrost could tilt.

    5. Effects on local wildlife such as caribou and polar bear

    The opening of the Northwest Passage is also a big deal, because it will bring more ships to the north.

    I don’t think anyone expects climate change to increase the temperature enough to allow agriculture…

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