The Delta Good Time Band, at 1am!

The best part of my Aboriginal Day (June 21) was playing drums with the Delta Good Time band late at night.

This style of “jigging music” is popular in the north: it has a quick beat like a galloping horse.

Be sure to note all the mosquitoes! There was a cloud of them descending on stage but people kept playing and dancing.

This video was taken around 1am, which really gives you an idea of the midnight sun.

(And yes, I am using electronic drums.)

Thanks to Ashli for filming and taking these pictures, and thanks to the band for letting me play!

(Here, some curious children are looking at the electronic drums and asking how they work. “Are you really playing the song?” One asked.)


2 responses to “The Delta Good Time Band, at 1am!

  1. Way to go man! That looked like a helluva time!

  2. Yeah it was a real honor to be included. Left the stage tired, full of mosquito bites but happy.

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