Enemy at the gates

All of a sudden, it’s mosquito season in Inuvik.

Those critters are everywhere these days!

Update: This is my third night in a row being awake past 4:30am. I’ve killed AT LEAST 30 to 50 mosquitoes inside the apartment every night and keep waking up because of the bites! Where are they coming in from? Is it because I live close to the river??


9 responses to “Enemy at the gates

  1. MOSQUITO???</em?..
    good grief dude , it looks like you can put a SADDLE on that thing and ride it into TOWN!!

  2. Yes, it’s funny how magnification brings out the violent and “ugly” nature of insects!

    Whatever horror you can imagine, it exists in the insect world — it’s a place of constant war, cannibalism, frenzied labour, stealing eggs, hatching larvae inside other bugs, warriors fighting enemies ten times their size, etc.

    Also, at the time of this photo, I counted 14 mosquitoes against my screen, trying to get inside.

    Surely you must have these in Hawaii, though..?

  3. Also: It’s cruel how you wait and wait for summer to arrive in this town, and then bugs arrive.

  4. get yourself a mosquito net for your bed.

  5. I think I will! Like an african malaria prevention tent..

  6. That’s what I was gonna say. If it works for Africa, it should work for you. Also, mosquito coils.

  7. The thing about those coils is that I live in a small apartment and my windows must be closed during the night — because of 24 hour sunlight shining in! Not much ventilation..

    I think I’ll try my luck making a tent…I’ll stop by the hardware and fabric store after work. pictures to follow.

    ha ha ha

    ha ha ha

  8. mosquitos are NOT native to hawaii. they were brought there by Captian Cook and w as used as a “weapon” to scare the natives, into a form of submission , well it worked. he killed off half the population with his idiocy...
    a slight correction . i dont live there. i actually live in [northen california] 🙂

  9. I used the mosquito nets in Laos and northern Vietnam. They work very well. Also, you might consider getting some citronella.

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