“I ain’t holding the bottle…the bottle’s holding me.”

Here’s a new feature: a look at some music which is enjoyed in Inuvik.

Here are records by Moe Bandy. He’s one of the most honest and authentic musicians you’ll ever find: his songs tell stories of his life and many are about struggling with alcoholism.

To give you an example of how genuine Moe Bandy really is, here’s a blurb from the back of his album, “I started hatin’ cheatin’ songs today.”

Here’s a guy from Texas who had a talent for singing and wasn’t satisfied just having his band playing for niteclubs around Texas and working in the sheet metal business in the daytime. Believe it or not, he wanted more and so he tried to do the things that would better his chances for achieving his goals. For example, he came to Nashville a few years ago and recorded a session and paid for it himself.


In country music, one of the first measures of success is when a guy quits his steady day job, and that happened to Moe too. In fact, he’s now doing what he likes, which is singing and entertaining for a living.”

So here now are a few views, with comments.

The concept: Moe’s girlfriend cheats on him so he goes to the bar. Suddenly the song “your cheatin’ heart” start playing and he smashes a bottle of whiskey into the jukebox. I started hatin’ cheatin’ songs today, he says.

Song title: “I’m the honky tonk on loser’s avenue.”

He might look happy here, but the song “here I am drunk again” is really sad. It’s about a man breaking his promise to himself and family never to drink again. He has a moment of realization while drunk and thinks “well, here I am drunk again.” 

Moe’s tribute to Hank Williams, called “Hank Williams, you wrote my life.” It’s a song about the country legend’s music and how the lyrics have been reflected in Moe’s life. “You wrote “Your cheatin’ heart,” like it was about my ex-wife,” he says.

Moe’s “here I am drunk again” album also features the song “The bottle’s holdin’ me,” which is a very honest look at a man with a drinking problem. A girl leaves Moe and he says he would go after her, but instead he resigns himself to sit there and drink.


Now I live across town from the only one I love
No woman wants a man that drinks too much
I know she’d take me back again if I could quit for good
Lord knows I’d quit if I could

I’m not holdin’ the bottle the bottle’s holdin’ me
I could win that goal I’ve lost but I’m not free
In my darling’s loving arms that’s where I wanna be
I’m not holdin’ the bottle the bottle’s holdin’ me
[ fiddle ]
My friends come around me but they can’t stop the rain
The way you could if you were mine again
When that evening sun goes down they all hit for home
And leave me here all tied up alone

I’m not holdin’ the bottle…
I’m not holdin’ the bottle the bottle’s holdin’ me


These classic songs are meant to be played over solitary drinks: “Smoke filled bar”, “this time I won’t cheat on her again”, “home is where he hurt is” and  “I wouldn’t cheat on her if she was mine.” 

Just don’t drink too much or you’ll get Honky Tonk Amnesia!

Portrait of the artist: alone with his regrets and familiar demons..


4 responses to ““I ain’t holding the bottle…the bottle’s holding me.”

  1. The sideburns… the sideburns…

  2. Did you find these in Studio A?

  3. That guy looks like he’s got a strong character. A lot of sorrow, now all he sees is himself, in a glass of ol’ Jimmy Bean.

  4. Yeah they are from Studio A.

    I agree, Moe looks like a real artist. It takes courage to write about yourself in such a personal way…

    also, he is possibly Wolverine from the X-Men comics.

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