Land of wilted vegetables

One thing you quickly grow to resent in Inuvik: “What happened to these vegetables? I bought them yesterday!”

And such a waste after traveling thousands of miles, too…


8 responses to “Land of wilted vegetables

  1. seems like every other week you post some old veggies. time to face facts: the north isn’t kind to vegetables.

    Deal with it and eat accordingly (fast) or get the frozen stuff, which lasts longer and is easier on the wallet.

  2. I do miss the veggies in BC. fresh and as far as the eye can see.

  3. I don’t mean to be repetitive…but you know how I love my vegetables!

    Plus I am thrifty so I often look at old vegetables and think “damn it, that’s five bucks wasted.”

    I agree I should make more frozen stir fries and stuff…also, I thought this was a good photo with the mug.

    Crazy photos of Eagle Plains hotel coming tonight…

  4. when were you on the road?

  5. did you know that FROZEN VEGETABLES are FARmore nutritious than FRESH ones??
    tis true..
    because they come from the field and are frozen instantly and therefore more nuitritious, whereas vegatables that ” travel” lose thier potency over a short period of time.

  6. Interesting! Thanks for the advice…

    but with the community greenhouse happening, I am sure to be enjoying fresh stuff soon enough

  7. Eat your veggies
    Eat your veggies
    She said
    I just ran away

  8. Visiting Inuvik in April 2002; blizzard south around Edmon. Semis couldn’t get out – of Edmonton I mean. Town out of milk for 4 days. Met the semi on Monday on the Dempster hell bent for election (he was moo00OOving pretty good) – we were just going down to Eagle Plain for brunch 😉

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