I need a kite shaped like an arrow cursor…


You know you spend too much time on the computer, when you travel to the Yukon’s beautiful scenic plains and think: “This reminds me of a windows background.”


11 responses to “I need a kite shaped like an arrow cursor…

  1. damn that’s eerie

  2. it also looks like planet naboo from Star Wars ep 1.

  3. Ha ha!

    “you mean people g’on DIE?? Meesa scared!”

    Freakin’ Jar Jar Binks and the Prequels.

  4. LOL You’re so sad…

  5. I actually had a daydream on the road about having a kite shaped like an arrow cursor, and having other kites looking like folders and .jpg files…recreating the desktop for an art piece.

  6. that would be cool, they could all be floating from the taskbar, laying on the ground

  7. I think you’ve just found a reason to apply to the Canada Council for the Arts.

  8. Don’t overload it
    You’ll get a blue screen

  9. You know, that’s a good idea. Get the grant, and include travel costs for all of us to come help you with the installation. It shouldn’t be too hard to fly the kites, if I recall, it gets mighty windy along the Dempster.

    Then we can have another two-page write-up in NewsNorth about what us zany bloggers are up to now!

    It will be fabulous.

  10. I think the cursor kites could indeed be a good art project: Explore notions of space vs. virtual space, and also the notion of wasting time on a computer vs. “wasting time” flying a kite.

    Could be a good tourism campaign, in a sense: get off the computer and see some real scenery, LOL


    Searched “windows kite” on Google and ended up here.

    Must get one of these now…what a great idea! Like someone is checking “google maps” above your head and you can see the cursor..

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