A mystery is solved

How does the water not freeze in the utilidors?

They are packed full of sprayed yellow insulation.



3 responses to “A mystery is solved

  1. What are utilidors used for? There name suggested they were doors to storage or something. But if they are filled with insulation… what purpose are they?


  2. Inuvik has permanently frozen ground, so these act like the sewers. I believe tey hold water pipes and certain cables..

  3. They hold both water and sewer pipes. They run next to each other to conserve heat.

    A few years ago, Tod at InsideTheCBC had a contest to determine the Seven Wonders of the CBC. The first nomination was:

    The 10th Floor Artist’s Lounge at CBC Toronto. Rare panoramic view of the Toronto’s lakefront.

    I think we can all agree that of all the things we DON’T want to be a Wonder Of The CBC, it’s the Artist’s Lounge at CBC Toronto. So I clicked the link:

    CBC In-uvik: The emergency exit, with its rare view of the Western Arctic’s utilidors (above-ground sewage lines).

    I am pleased to say that my suggestion was accepted and is one of the official Wonders of the CBC.

    I am a little concerned that, much like the original contest, my suggestion was accepted simply to ensure regional representation, but I’ll take any recognition I can get.

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