Wave winter goodbye!

(click on this image for animation)

Ice on the Mackenzie river doesn’t melt gradually. Once a year it suddenly breaks apart and starts flowing down the river. This is a loud, impressive spectacle.

Once the ice is moving (about the speed of a person walking fast) people gather and watch it move like it was a parade. They have BBQs, etc.



Update: Here is the ice as it appeared the day before:


5 responses to “Wave winter goodbye!

  1. Wow. I love that photo with the boat, but it really shows the difference in quality between your camera and mine.

  2. Thanks, it’s true I love using the Nikon D80.

    I should also note, these photos were taken at 10:pm.

  3. It’s just like the break up that happened here. It’s quite the site.

  4. BEAUTIFUL boat shot. great lighting, very classic landscape composition. .

  5. In some parts of the world
    Tides rise at the speed
    Of a galloping horse
    In other
    They go out
    Like wild herds
    Of plodding

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