The junkyard? Actually this is (visible from) Inuvik’s main street

There is a lot of garbage on Inuvik’s streets these days!

Frosty’s used to be a great place to have a beer, but now the parking lot looks like a landfill.

UPDATE: There’s been some effort from the “fast food” restauraunt to clean up lately, so credit to them. (Some “after” shots will be published soon.)


9 responses to “The junkyard? Actually this is (visible from) Inuvik’s main street

  1. all around one building, and those cares are BEHIND the building, not very visible from the main drag.

    Yeah, they’re brutal, but at the same time, you walked behind a building for those car shots.

  2. you may have walked around the building to get that shot but it’s still not nice to look at….you see it every where in inuvik but seeing it on the main street is something you’d think the town would frown upon and get the owners to clean up.

  3. This isn’t really a back yard, but I’d say it’s more to the side. The cars are visible from the Tununuk/Mackenzie intersection, and they are right in front of where Frosty’s used to be.

    Worse still, it’s right beside the busted mural, which is supposed to improve the town’s appearance.

    Anyone exiting Northmart through the front entrance can see this, so it’s hardly a private owner’s secret junk.

  4. The point is, I’ve been in town for two years now, that red car has been there the whole time.

    Come on, people…don’t just leave an old busted car full of broken glass. This isn’t “Mad Max” or “the Postman.”

  5. Wonderful pictures of the” red” car, what once seemed to carry life forms in it is now itself lifeless and the frailty of the metal in its surroundings shows the futiliy of this illusion we call reality, and to look at the garbage bin with the BOX next to it saying “fresh choice”truly is nature haveing its final say as it mocks the occupants from a previous slice in time who no longer remember even what the box held to sustain thier moment in time for fuel, yet silently s new life with delicate green shoots force its way out through cold and hardened soil amongstthe decaying meadium of cardboard and wood and rags..
    there truly is beautly in ugliness, and ugliness in beauty.

  6. Thanks for the comment, I didn’t think the photo could be interpreted to have so much meaning. I really took it and posted it in a very superficial way, saying “I think this looks ugly, there is too much garbage here.”

    Your insight is very appreciated!

  7. Funny how we all see what we want to see.

  8. Decay
    But Some
    It is
    You Man

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