Blues traveller? Meet blues professor

Local musician Bob Mumford held a blues workshop at the high school in the evening on May 27, teaching people the basics of the style.

On the blackboard he wrote “12-bar blues: (in Inuvik we only have the 2 bar blues).”

Get it? The town has two bars…the Mad Trapper and the Mackenzie!

(See for coverage of this event including sound and more photos)

Update: Of course, we also have the Nanook Lounge, but there are usually about three people there on a Saturday night. 


8 responses to “Blues traveller? Meet blues professor

  1. What??? There were at least four bars when I was in Inuvik. The Zoo, the Brass Rail, the Mad Trapper, and Frosty’s. What happened to the other two?

  2. Zoo = closed
    Finto = closed
    Brass rail = closed
    Frosty’s = closed

    …sorry to break it to you! I think Inuvik is shrinking, waiting for some kind of economic upturn.

  3. The Brass Rail closed????? Waaaaaaaaaugh! That’s horrible! They made the best burgers!

    I won’t miss the other three any, though. And they can close the Mad Trapper for all I care.

  4. Nooo!

    While the Trapper gets old fast (I have been there waaay too much) it’s the only place in town for live music outside occasional Legion shows and the Arts festival.

    If you close the trapper, what would be left? The nanook? The place has the atmosphere of an office at 3pm on a Wednesday.

  5. Well, then what you need is to close down all the bars and create a little concert venue for the live music. Or have all-ages dances weekly.

    Of course if I had my way, we’d have liquor restrictions in Hay River. I’m not fond of people who drink. 🙂

  6. Pffft!

    Sure alcohol causes problems for some people, but I don’t think that should infringe upon my right to drink.

    Besides, who wants one LESS thing to do in Inuvik?

  7. Well, that’s often how life goes though, the ones who can’t be responsible ruin it for everybody else.

  8. The Difficulty
    With the Twelve-Bar Blues
    Is Doing It
    The Second Time
    In Piano

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