Logos of the North, part 12

Seen on the side of a shipping crate: The latin word for truth, Veritas, with a representation of this “statue of liberty” style woman bringing knowledge (the torch), democracy (the conch), food (the rooster) and medicine (tangled snakes) to the north.

What are your thoughts?

UPDATE: Those aren’t oats, as previously written, they are the scales of justice!


11 responses to “Logos of the North, part 12

  1. She needs better clothes.

  2. Who did the censoring of this sign?

  3. My view is that it’s a logo for colonialism as a whole, bringing to mind Kipling’s “white man’s burden.” (ie: The false and ethnocentric view that truth, medicine, and democracy did not exist before white people came to the north.)

    As for the nudity-without-nudity, I am not sure why this happens. So many old statues are this way!

    It just seemed like such a relic, I had to take a photo.

  4. No, I think it’s more Orwell than Kipling. The ship represents Minipax, the woman is Miniluv, the goodies are Miniplenty, and of course Veritas is for Minitrue.

  5. I say, this comment is doupleplusgood!

  6. The oldest profession
    Teaching marketting

  7. Interesting that the scales of justice have been left discarded at her feet.

  8. Orwellian, I tells ya.

    Either that or it’s the artist’s way of telling you you’re never right in a woman’s eyes.

    Or maybe it’s a quote to Dickens:

    “The law expects you to control your wife.”
    “Then the law is a ass, sir.”

    The plot thickens!

  9. I think this is my favourite thread to date!

  10. Ivy your sense of humour is coming through on every blog. I LOVE this!

  11. Hmm… Veritas is latin for “truth” and Wikipedia
    has some other links as well. For some reason I make the connection to maritime insurance – but I could be confused because of “Det Norske Veritas”
    – In any event – The comments here arefun to read!

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