Creatures from far away

Lobsters are few and far between in Inuvik. 

If you know someone flying in from the maritimes, it’s definitely something you should ask them to bring!

The Francophone Association recently held a lobster dinner at the Legion Hall, with boxes of them flown in especially for the occasion.


3 responses to “Creatures from far away

  1. Eww eww eww!! Yuck! I think I’m the only maritimer I know that is grossed out by lobster! The meat itself is alright, but I can’t stomach ripping the body apart. The thought makes me gag. Especially since it’s looking right at you. Eww. Needless to say this is one maritimer that won’t be bringing any lobster back from my trip next month! 🙂

  2. Thanks Tina, that’s funny!

    I find Lobster to be delicious, though it should be known that in some parts of the world the French “homard” is replaced with “cigale de mer,” meaning *crickets of the sea.* This is far less appetizing!

    If these things were any larger, they would rival H.R. Geiger’s “Alien.”

    Also, I worked at a fish market for a couple of years during high school and early university, so I am well aqainted with them. (I know you can “hypnotize” them by placing them on their heads, facing down. They stay there motionless until moved again.)

  3. When two lobsters
    Shook hands over the deal
    The claw-back clause
    Made it final

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